The Wine Cellar

Being able to take advantage of Cardeto’s large structure, Picco d’Umbria has a vast space for storing and aging its wines.The winery isequipped withmodern technology forfiltration and stabilization, and has systems in place which enable the constant monitoring of its wines. No modern progress and no technology, however, can take the place of traditional farming methods: “the farmer’s culture”. And herein lies the difference for both Cardeto and Picco d’Umbria. The knowledge handed down through the generations from traditional farming methods, in fact, represent a priceless heritage. It is precisely with respect to this philosopy, passed on by Cardeto, that Picco d’Umbria is not only attentive to the quality of the grapes, which must be excellent in character in order to produce a unique and rich product, but also incorporates the experience and knowledge of those who love and dedicate their entire days to working the land for the vinification process. And thus, a wine is born from the intangible values of tradition and respect for the land and its people, which come together and are a fundamental part of Picco d’Umbria. The company is also certified according to the international GSFS (Global Standard for Food Safety) e IFS (International Food Standard).