The choice of machines for bottling the wine has always been determined by the importance of ensuring a process which respects the characteristics of the product, and guarantees the preservation of the bottled wine and its stability over time. Picco d’Umbria has the ability to study and propose ad hoc blends bottled under the customer’s brand or with exclusive labels. Throughout the entire process, the company’s staff will not abandon the buyer; instead interacting with him, advising him on the choice of wine, the packaging, and continuing on to placement in the warehouse where the wine will be stored until it is loaded onto the container. Furthermore, in order to respond in the most efficient and professional manner possible to the needs of all of its clients and markets, the production line has a bottling capacity of 6,000 bottles per hour with a choice of classical or screw closures. On average, it produces approximately 2.5 million bottles per year, and can adapt to various formats and types of bottles. One detail which is very important to Picco d’Umbria is the continuous training of its personnel, who are always present all along the production line in order to oversee the accuracy of production and to guarantee food safety in handling.