Quality means security. In order to ensure this, Picco d’Umbria has a laboratory where technical specialists determine the operations to be carried out in the winery during the various stages of processing before the final release of the wines on the market. The company laboratory works by overseeing the quality of the transformation process and through careful and continuous analytical control in order to guarantee the high standards of quality that it has set for itself.

Specialized analytical tools provide accurate and objective information on the state of the wine’s health and allow us to recognize any potential problems as they become evident, so as to anticipate and prevent them, or correct them through the use of appropriate winemaking techniques. The technological innovations used by Picco d’Umbria allow the processes of transformation of the grapes to be truly cutting edge, while maintaining respect for the traditions that a quality wine requires. Similarly, the entire production process, from the inspection of the wines to their aging in tanks and wooden barrels, follows steps which are carefully supervised and certified.