Who we are

Picco d’Umbria is composed mainly of people who love what they do, and above all, the company aims to offer its clients courtesy and professionalism, embodying the values ​​of the parent company from which it was born and of which it grew to become an integral part. The story of Cardeto began more than half a century ago, and it was not a coincidence. On August 30, 1949, the Wine Cooperative for the Region of Orvieto (CO.VI.O) was created.
It had only 13 wine producing members. Today there are over 150 members, a number which has grown over time, going hand in hand with the trust and confidence that the company has been ever-increasingly able to convey. In 2005, The Wine Cooperative of Sferracavallo took a crucial step: it became Cantina Cardeto. This was a new name, but the traditional values of the original cooperative carried on: such as belonging to the land of its origins and respect for the land, for its history, and its traditions. Picco d’Umbria was born from the need to respond to the increasingly specific demands of the market.
Our staff includes: Giancarlo Cerquetelli (President of the Cardeto Group), Luciano Innocentini (Attorney), Marco Buzzurra (Director of Bottling), Eugenio Ranchino (Agronomist), Francesco Morelli (Analyst), Fabiola Mocetti (Administrative Manager), and Alessandra Cerquetelli (Italian and Foreign Relations Manager).