Our Story

Born from a “rib” of the Cardeto Winery in 2005, Picco d’Umbria became part of the historic Orvietan wine cooperative, in which it participates 100%. Today, Picco has become the commercial leader of the group, a company that has come to produce approximately 2 million bottles a year in just a few years, exporting to more than 10 foreign countries, including China, Germany, Japan, the UK, Kazakhstan, etc… It produces and sells quality wines which meet the tastes and expectations of customers from all walks of life. This company was created to make a difference, while incorporating Cardeto’s philosophy.
And this is the staff’s attitude each day as it comes to work for Picco d’Umbria. It is an approach which has taken the form of a veritable “modus operandi”, wisely passed down from Cardeto, where the wine is the protagonist of an age-old authentic story, where the passion and dedication of the members and their families have built a tradition which continues to pay more and more attention to quality.
And in the vineyards, selected with great care and maintained perfectly throughout every season of the year, the greatest effort is put forth in order to ensure that the best grapes are produced, which then became the wines for our customers! Picco d’Umbria’s commitment, in the spirit of Cardeto Group, is to offer the best quality wines, and always at the right price so that they may be accessible to everyone. We work hard and strive to achieve this.